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Leaky gut is pseudo-science. The majority of doctors and scientists on the planet agree. Wikipedia lists leaky gut syndrome as quackery; conjured up by naturopaths to sell their products or services. Well, tell that to the people who have seen the doctors and are still waiting for a solution. Tell that to the people who are afraid for their lives because their annoying or horrible condition is not being treated.

The nutrition alarmists will tell us this is the result of a world’s efforts to thwart nature with harmful chemicals. The big companies claim  chemical ingenuity is required for food production on a mass scale. The small farms and organic growers are all but enraged by this. They are convinced that following nature’s path is the only way to live and breathe. Most importantly, we can ask ourselves “How does a ‘political issue’ have anything to do with an un-recognized syndrome?”

Is this real medicine or just politics?

According to Dr. Will Cole, “Mainstream medicine trains doctors to diagnose a disease and match it with a corresponding drug.” He concludes that leaky gut syndrome will be recognized once there are drugs available to treat it. Interestingly, we have evidence of Tarsul being prescribed to treat intestinal permeability (leaky gut) right here on our website. It is no mere coincidence that Drs. Cole and Trowbridge have recognized and are treating leaky gut patients.

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At Tarsul, we believe this is real and there are real solutions available. A recent article by Frontiers in Immunology cites over 100 peer-reviewed reports: There is a connection between leaky gut and autoimmune disorders such as diabetes and lupus. Furthermore, they promote repairing the gut to combat diseases which may attack us daily. However, the authors say caution is needed. There is still some work to do for the medical community to connect the dots.

So, this is what we know…

  • Leaky gut AKA intestinal permeability may cause further disorders or diseases.
  • Diet is hugely important. We’re talking about our digestive system after all!
  • Probiotics can perform a healing role but we are not sure which strains or species work best.
  • Tarsul can be used to treat IBS, hemorrhoids, hypertension, constipation among others.
  • Tarsul is currently prescribed to augment leaky gut treatment.

What is there that is keeping us from claiming that Tarsul can stave off diseases and repair a leaky gut? Only the FDA and medical community which believes nothing without extensive testing on animals and humans. We can only claim that we know at least one doctor in the US treating leaky gut with Tarsul. For us, that (and countless journal articles on gut health cited throughout our website) is enough.

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Learn more about how Tarsul may help with certain conditions by clicking on the images below. Our team has done extensive research to find relevant medical studies which indicate the power of Tarsul’s ingredients. We invite you to find out more about your own health and health in general. Start with what concerns you the most and follow the path to see how your well being starts with what you eat!

Tarsul treats hypertension

Tarsul dietary supplement can treat acne

Tarsul treats hemmorhoids

Tarsul treats heartburn and indigestion

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Tarsul can help repel insects

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Tarsul - sulfur and cream of tartar

Irritable Bowels
Tarsul helps treat irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

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