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Tarsul dosages vary according to a persons size, and the severity of symptoms. Usually, modern doctors and pharmacists separate people into three groups: adults, children and babies. Hippocrates and his colleagues believed much more information was required to properly outline a treatment. At Tarsul we may align more closely to the methods used by Hippocrates.

Doses are different for each condition…

Tarsul may be used for a number of conditions or simply as a daily supplement to ensure a healthy diet. Dosages can be so small that the effect is barely noticed. Conversely, a person can be affected almost immediately by some recommended dosages. Most importantly, ALL symptoms and dosages should be closely monitored to ensure efficacy and safety.

Tarsul creates a laxative effect at higher dosages. This is the reason the ingredients in Tarsul show up in 100 year old medical prescriptions. The laxative effect can be seen as a warning sign for people not treating conditions such as constipation or hemorrhoids. For example, we don’t want to be running the the bathroom if we are in a forest and we just took a pill to ward off mosquitoes. With this in mind, please respect the power of Tarsul and pay attention to your dosages and symptoms.

The following are recommended dosages for the conditions we list here on our website. These dosages are a baseline which may be used for self treatment. Daily sulfur intake for an adult may vary from 1/2 gram (low) to almost 2 grams per day (very high). Small children may ingest only 1/20th of a gram per day in their diet. Ingested potassium may be anywhere from  2 grams to 8 grams per day. Most likely, Tarsul users will not be ingesting potassium or sulfur at the higher levels. We submit that you are here because one or both those levels is on the low side with you or someone you know. However, please continue to keep a close eye on your symptoms and doses while using Tarsul.


Here is a table of baseline Tarsul dosages:


We have records for overdoses of 6 tablespoons of Cream of Tartar sending a couple people to the hospital with identical symptoms of hyperkalemia. That is 102.72 grams of Cream of Tartar which contains 21.34 grams of potassium; about twice the amount of potassium which would be ingested in a rigorously monitored high potassium diet! An equivalent dose of Tarsul would be 124.08 grams or 5 teaspoons short of a whole 150 gram bottle. These cases were for two body builders looking to purge. The symptoms were vomiting, diarrhea, muscle weakness and dehydration. They recovered quickly once in a doctor’s care

We can see that it would be difficult to overdose on Tarsul by mistake. Most importantly, the above cases illustrate how a balanced diet and a balanced health plan can be the key to health. We can see Tarsul’s power by looking at the dangers. Furthermore, we can see how a very small amount can make a big difference.

Tarsul Best Care…

As usual, we recommend care in planning dosages and observing symptoms.  Dosages can be adjusted according to symptoms. Additionally, take the time to study your condition and always consult a nurse or doctor if conditions do not respond to treatment. Also, when you have success with Tarsul, don’t just order more. Send us a note about your experience!

Tarsul Ingredients

Tarsul is vegetarian, gluten-free, egg-free, nut-free, milk-free and 100% safe when used with proper dosage. The only side effect is your good health!

Tarsul contains only two ingredients: Cream of Tartar and MSM Sulfur.

Cream of Tartar AKA Potassium Bitartrate  is a byproduct of wine making. Tartaric acid in the grapes helps to make the wine safe to drink. Once it does its job the wine becomes more tasty and the un-needed elements form crystals in the wine barrels. The crystals are refined and we get our cream of tartar from the wine making regions in California.

MSM Sulfur AKA methylsulfonylmethane or Dimethyl sulfone is just food grade sulfur. This ingredient gives Tarsul a pleasant acidulous taste. It’s most common use is for osteoarthritis or sports recovery. You might think it is weird to eat sulfur but it is in every cell in your body! Likewise, sulfurous gasses are the media your cells use to communicate among themselves. Simply, your body needs sulfur to ward off germs, diseases and nasty beasties that attack you every day. Cool, huh?

Capsules: If you get Tarsul in capsule form then you will be getting vegetarian capsules. They are made from hypromellose AKA Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose(HPMC). Importantly, this is a common material all veggie capsules are made from. Additionally, it is used in gluten free bread to make the bubbles that give bread it’s unique texture.

It is also used in cement and paint for retaining moisture and in pills as a binder. This is where you probably hear those horror stories about Chinese drugs with strange things in them. We can assure you our capsules are NOT from China. Furthermore, our capsule supplier provides products for 100’s of top-level nutritional supplements online, on Amazon and retail stores.

We are pretty serious when it comes to gut health and we look forward to giving you the best.

Learn more about how Tarsul may help with certain conditions by clicking on the images below. Our team has done extensive research to find relevant medical studies which indicate the power of Tarsul’s ingredients. We invite you to find out more about your own health and health in general. Start with what concerns you the most and follow the path to see how your well being starts with what you eat!

Tarsul treats hypertension

Tarsul dietary supplement can treat acne

Tarsul treats hemmorhoids

Tarsul treats heartburn and indigestion

Leaky gut
leaky gut can be treated with tarsul

Tarsul treats arthritis

Tarsul - sulfur and cream of tartar

Irritable Bowels
Tarsul helps treat irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

Tarsul treats psoriasis

Stop smoking
stop smoking with Tarsul