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The Tarsul formula has been used in medical circles for hundreds of years. A survey of the contents of a pre-1900’s druggist’s formulary will include the two ingredients found in Tarsul. This formula has been revived for one simple reason… it really works!

“Disease [and Health] Begins In The Gut” Hippocrates

It is a quote often attributed to Hippocrates but he probably didn’t say it. However, in the first chapters of On Ancient Medicine it is concluded there are parallels between cooking and medicine. The key is that the coctions in medicine were specific to each person or malady. In other words: hot dogs for some and hamburgers for others. We can make light of it here but Hippocrates and his cohorts created a work which defined medicine and established practices still in use today.

One thing that Hippocrates could not have foreseen is the large scale farming and chemical-ization of food products. According to the EPA the three main products in commercial fertilizer are nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. Large commercial farms will not add further soil conditioners because of the cost. Likewise, anyone who has ever tasted organically grown sweet corn or tomatoes will say there is a huge difference in taste. Furthermore, the difference in vital health inducing vitamins and compounds is more than remarkable. The difference in the plants health and OUR health revolves around a few missing elements in our diet. Hippocrates didn’t have to worry about these things but we do.

Who has the time to grow a vegetable garden or the three times the money to pay for organic produce? The answer is: not many of us!

We have found a solution to some of the missing elements in our diet with Tarsul. Langbeinite is one of the first missing elements that organic gardeners add to their soils. It is a mineral that contains potassium, magnesium and sulfur. These minerals make plants healthier and more productive for a longer period of time. Two of the minerals can be recognized in Tarsul’s mix of potassium bitartrate (cream of tartar) and sulfur. Thus, Tarsul is simply a quick and easy way to reintroduce missing (and vital) trace elements into our bodies.


Targeting missing elements in our diet can quickly become complicated. You may be asking yourself “Do I have to be a chemist to understand this?” The answer is really quite simple…NO! We do our best to make this easy to understand. Just read along with us and send an email if there is something you would like to know more about…

Tarsul works on two very important health indicators: Your sodium to potassium ratio (Na:K) and your dietary sulfur intake.

Anyone familiar with Eastern medicine or macrobiotics will recognize the Na:K ratio as the foundation of health. Also, studies by the Department of Cell and Neurobiology, Keck School of Medicine at USC, Los Angeles cite a potassium deficiency in western diets as a major health issue. We can see that health gurus AND scientists recognize this as a key health indicator. Furthermore, by looking at more of these studies on our site, you will see that you are almost GUARANTEED to have an imbalance thus a greater risk of disease.

Sulfur is in every cell in the human body. Our bodies use sulfur to move nutrients among our cells. We get sulfur from the things we eat but it is extremely difficult to get enough. Tarsul can be used to boost our sulfur intake which has been shown to lower risks of everything from cardio vascular disease and diabetes to cancer.

Learn more about how Tarsul may help with certain conditions by clicking on the images below. Our team has done extensive research to find relevant medical studies which indicate the power of Tarsul’s ingredients. We invite you to find out more about your own health and health in general. Start with what concerns you the most and follow the path to see how your well being starts with what you eat!

Tarsul Is Made In The USA

Tarsul Dietary SupplementCream of Tartar and Organic MSM Sulfur

Cream of Tartar is an element in all grapes

Sulfur is in every cell of the human body

Tarsul Is Made With The Exact Same Ingredients As The Original PATENTED Formula!!!

In the 1980's, the ingredients in Tarsul won a US Patent as a remedy for hemorrhoids, but sat unused commercially for many years - until Tarsul. Tarsul is a white powder that you drink after mixing with water or juice. Conveniently packaged in a clear, see-through plastic bottle so you can always see how much remains.Tarsul is made with the finest, purest Cream of Tartar and MSM Sulfur - that's all.The fact that it contains all natural ingredients makes it especially desirable in today's toxic world.

Try a bottle today and begin feeling normal again.

Tarsul Comes in 4 Sizes

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