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Constipation is a common functional gastrointestinal (GI) disorder. About 20% of the people in the US have chronic constipation (CC). It affects women 2 to 3 times more than men. CC causes great economic impact with 2.5 million doctor visits and 100,000 hospitalizations annually. We assume mostly older people are affected but children are also susceptible to this annoying disorder.

So, why is it that 1/5 of the people in the US have a dangerous medical condition but we NEVER hear about it? Why is the answer always “use these drugs” when it is obvious that DIET is at the heart of it all? In reality, DRUGS are often the culprit in cases of constipation. In that case, it’s time for more DRUGS and the side effects become worse!

Band-aid vs Treatment: Is there a cure?

Treatments for constipation are plenty. Doctors will prescribe anything from over the counter laxatives to stronger drugs or even a hospital stay. Available therapeutic options include stool softeners, fiber supplements, osmotic and stimulant laxatives, and the secretagogues lubiprostone and linaclotide. Interestingly diet rarely gets mentioned in the studies referred to here. Furthermore, modern drugs rarely have statistics on long term health risks. If we continue to need these drugs for years then what will happen?

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Constipation hits close to home!

For our web developer, home is where the heart is but work is where you sit. Read his testimonial about how Tarsul “cured” his constipation and ‘rhoids promptly!

“I recently had to have an overnight procedure done: a catheter ablation wherein they put you to sleep and operate on your heart with a laser that gets snaked up a vein in your crotch.

Yeah, scary…but I was out so it was completely painless.

The problem with anesthesia and turning your bowels off (for good reason) is that it’s hard to turn them back on again. It took me 3-4 days to even feel like going to the bathroom and when that happened it was excruciating. For me MORE DRUGS such as laxatives didn’t seem like a good solution.

Also, that annoying itch started letting me know I was growing some new friends down there…

I did a lot of the research for this website. I read all of the peer-reviewed articles we use to explain how Tarsul works.

Surprisingly, I never tried it…

Well, necessity is the mother of invention they say. So when I got back to work, I immediately grabbed a bottle off the shelf and took it home. Literally, two days later I was back to normal. I took a teaspoon a day for a few more days just for effect. Basically, that’s the end of my story…

PS Thanks to Dr. Athill and the team at San Diego Cardiac Center, I can now carry my full golf bag for 18 holes and keep it under 90…that’s my heart rate….don’t ask about my score ūüôā “

Tarsul – 100 Years of doctor prescribed treatment and a 1989 Patent

Why are we still looking?

The good news is the ingredients in Tarsul (sulfur and cream of tartar) have been prescribed for constipation for over 100 years. It is still being prescribed today. In fact Tarsul contains the exact same ingredients as the 1989 patent approved for treating hemorrhoids. Cream of tartar (potassium bitartrate) used as a suppository works by releasing CO2 gas to aid bowel movements. Potassium bitartrate is not readily soluble. It is more suspended¬†in liquids for drinking so some may end up in the GI tract and cause the same result. Also, the potassium in cream of tartar helps to balance our western industrialized diets. We get most of our sulfur from those¬†allium¬†vegetables, such as onions, leeks and garlic, and cruciferous vegetables, such as cabbages, kales and broccoli. You know…those “fiber” veggies everyone is always talking about?

So, why don’t doctors just tell us to eat more veggies?


Big Pharma vs the price of cabbage

We could just say “It’s all about money and supporting the giant pharmaceutical industry” and leave it at that. Obviously, doctors can’t prescribe veggies for our health because they have to follow the rules. The rules are that only FDA approved devices and drugs or treatments can be prescribed. Also, the same types of vegetables grown in different environments will have different values. It would be impossible to provide accurate dosages. Thus, DRUGS!

Doctors DO prescribe Tarsul. Our hero, Dr. John Trowbridge prescribes Tarsul for various GI conditions such as leaky gut and hemorrhoids. Both of those share the roost with constipation as indicators of other GI related problems. For Doctors such as Trowbridge, constipation may seem to be a side effect that goes away when other GI motility issues are resolved.

At Tarsul, we believe in a whole body approach to health. Why not treat the GI tract as a whole instead of placing band-aids on the affected portions? What if the only side effect was beneficial treatment of other issues such as hemorrhoids or acne or hypertension? Wouldn’t that be a better way to treat any disorder or sickness? These are questions we all have to answer for ourselves. When you are ready, we can deliver Tarsul to your door.

A two month supply of Tarsul costs only $39.95. This size bottle provides TWICE the value for the same product you can find elsewhere on the internet. Natural relief for half the cost!

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We truly believe there is no better way to deal with this agonizing and dangerous health issue. Your insurance plan might provide a break for the drugs your doctor prescribes. On the other hand, that also comes with FREE harmful side effects!¬† Tarsul is a natural product. It is only meant to replenish the ingredients our bodies may be lacking. Ingredients absolutely needed to promote a healthy body…

What could be more important than a healthy eco-system in your own body? It is the one thing that makes it possible to do so many other things. What is the cost for health? We know that prices are rising faster than most of us can keep up. What if you could change your health and chase away pain causing constipation for as little as 20 bucks? Here is one way to find out…

Right now you can get a 150 gram bottle of Tarsul for $19.95 with FREE Shipping in the continental US. That is a 1 month supply of Tarsul for about the same cost as lunch for two at the food court or that gadget on Amazon.

Sure, gadgets are cool and so is buying lunch for a friend. But you know the thing that is bothering you is not lunch, or gadgets…

It is all about health…how to get it …and how to keep it. Health is the most important thing and improving gut health is the crucial first step in so many cases. We are offering the chance to find how you may quickly find yourself on the path to good health…for only $19.95…no taxes…free shipping…just click the button and order your 30 day supply of Tarsul now…


Tarsul’s biggest side effect is they way it works in our bodies. The obvious effect of gut health is the way it empowers the body to take care of itself. It should be easy to see how important it is to eat healthy. Likewise, when we fail it should be easy to see how a dietary supplement is a better first option than drugs. Please look further to see how Tarsul may augment or even replace other ineffective options. You owe it to yourself to find out as much as you can about your own health.

Irritable Bowels
Tarsul helps treat irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
Tarsul dietary supplement can treat acne
Leaky gut
leaky gut can be treated with tarsul
Tarsul treats arthritis
Tarsul treats psoriasis
Tarsul treats heartburn and indigestion
Repel Insects
Tarsul can help repel insects
Tarsul treats hemmorhoids
Stop smoking
stop smoking with Tarsul
Tarsul treats hypertension

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