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Acne is a plague for the generations. Whether we have serious skin issues or the horribly timed zit on prom night it is serious business. Furthermore, just looking at one of the people with flawless skin and makeup in the beauty mags can cause a flare-up. It is no wonder there are so many products on the market that combat this issue.

Interestingly, one of Tarsuls two ingredients is mentioned in acne treatment superstar Proactiv’s website. Sulfur has been used for millennia to treat skin ailments. However, this mega product doesn’t include it in their ingredients. The company has lots of information about the ingredients they use. The website notes that some people may be allergic to sulfur and recommends testing on your arm first. Most important, Naturopathic Doctor Lauren DeVille states “You need sulfur. You can’t completely avoid it.”

The National Institutes of Health agree and mention some notable vegetables as suppliers of our daily needs. The list includes Allium vegetables, such as onions, leeks and garlic, and cruciferous vegetables, such as cabbages, kales and broccoli. These veggies can account for 42% of the sulfur (about half a gram) in the average diet. Did you just say “yummy?” Probably not.

Can Tarsul cure acne?

We would like to make the point that Tarsul can be used as a salve or taken internally to boost our sulfur intake which has been shown to lower risks of everything from cardio vascular disease and diabetes to cancer. Additionally, the small amounts needed make it a good way to treat the causes of acne with a minimum of products and applications.

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A quick google search of “cream of tartar acne” will result in a page full of responses from folks such as ourselves trying to sell a product. That in no way means it will work. Looking into the science behind our diets can give us a better understanding. In a recent study, the western diet gets blamed for acne; the “…most common diet-induced inflammatory skin disease.” An over abundance of refined carbohydrates, milk and dairy products and saturated fats can be scientifically linked to acne. The same study recommends a paleo diet as the antidote; fish, veggies, salads and berries. Studies by the Department of Cell and Neurobiology, Keck School of Medicine at USC, Los Angeles cite a potassium deficiency in western diets as a major health issue.

Could it be this simple?

In a way it is complicated. Our diets are usually driven by culture and geography. Neither can be easily changed. Changing our diet is a common challenge. We all know how hard it can be. On the other hand, Tarsul can help get us over the bumpy spots so we can start seeing results. Remember, Tarsul is a dietary supplement. It is meant to create rapid changes in the way we feel and look. Seeing and feeling these changes can encourage us to stick with it. It is like having our own dietary coach sending messages that can’t be ignored.

The bottom line here is that Tarsul can be used topically or internally. Using as a salve may yield quicker results and taken internally may address the issues listed above. Either way, the ingredients in Tarsul have been used for centuries to treat skin problems and you can get it in powder or capsules right here.

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Learn more about how Tarsul may help with certain conditions by clicking on the images below. Our team has done extensive research to find relevant medical studies which indicate the power of Tarsul’s ingredients. We invite you to find out more about your own health and health in general. Start with what concerns you the most and follow the path to see how your well being starts with what you eat!

Tarsul treats hypertension

Repel Insects
Tarsul can help repel insects

Tarsul treats hemmorhoids

Tarsul treats heartburn and indigestion

Leaky gut
leaky gut can be treated with tarsul

Tarsul treats arthritis

Tarsul - sulfur and cream of tartar

Irritable Bowels
Tarsul helps treat irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

Tarsul treats psoriasis

Stop smoking
stop smoking with Tarsul