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Trying to stop smoking may be the most difficult habit to break. The availability of tobacco products in every store we enter makes it almost impossible. The fact that smoking has not lost its romantic status in many cultures is not helping. In reality, we find ourselves without allies for quitting and besieged by “enemies” that want us to keep on puffing away.

There are a host of plans we can use in our defense against the siege. Many are drug related such as a weaning process using nicotine patches, gum or pills. One popular program involves using varenicline tartrate which inhibits the pleasure we get from smoking. Also known as Chantix, it has seen success in numbers and generally requires no great will power or self-determination. Conversely, the list of side effects is alarming; similar to most drugs today. Additionally, the cost is quite high; about $800 for a 12 week supply of pills to complete the plan.

At Tarsul, we try to incite the notion of general health and well being along with any process applied to a certain malady or illness. We believe looking at health in a holistic fashion is the best way to treat many symptoms we might be dealing with. Also, we are naturally suspicious because the cost of pharmaceuticals includes so many other things beside our own health. How can the cost and side effects ever be considered a valuable trade when dealing in health?

Stop Smoking while using this Method

Here we have a way to circumvent the Big Pharma machine and save lots of money in the process. This simple remedy from Dr. Janet Starr addresses nutritional losses stemming from smoking. Additionally, it costs around $40 for a 12 week supply of Tarsul to supplement a plan to quit smoking. The recipe is:

1 teaspoon of Tarsul in a medium glass of orange juice every night before bedtime. The orange juice replaces vitamin C lost from a decrease in appetite for vitamin C containing foods and vitamin C depletion in the bloodstream. Neither sulfur or cream of tartar dissolve in water or alcohol so the orange juice acts as a vehicle to ingest the powder. The sulfur supplements our best intake of healthy foods and addresses healthy skin and other issues. The cream of tartar helps replace potassium lost from smoking and can help balance the sodium to potassium ratio in our bodies.

It seems simple and it really is. Unfortunately, the remedy involves some habit-breaking practices needed to recover from years of smoking. It is not “turn-key” like the varenicline tartrate. On the other hand, the side effects don’t include suicidal thoughts and mental illness or a warning: “Harmful if swallowed.” Tarsul’s ingredients, MSM sulfur and Cream of Tartar are completely safe to take at the recommended dosage. They are natural and overdoses would be 20 times the amount recommended. Considering the options, Tarsul is by far a safer and more cost effective alternative.

Order Tarsul Now – 4 Sizes – Buy One or Case of 12

Learn more about how Tarsul may help with certain conditions by clicking on the images below. Our team has done extensive research to find relevant medical studies which indicate the power of Tarsul’s ingredients. We invite you to find out more about your own health and health in general. Start with what concerns you the most and follow the path to see how your well being starts with what you eat!


Tarsul treats hypertension


Tarsul dietary supplement can treat acne


Tarsul treats hemmorhoids


Tarsul treats heartburn and indigestion

Leaky gut

leaky gut can be treated with tarsul


Tarsul treats arthritis


Tarsul - sulfur and cream of tartar

Irritable Bowels

Tarsul helps treat irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)


Tarsul treats psoriasis

Repel Insects

Tarsul can help repel insects