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Stop Smoking With Tarsul

Regular use of Tarsul helps take away the desire to smoke, naturally.

Use this to quit smoking:

At bedtime, every night before retiring, drink a medium glass of orange juice with 1 tsp of Tarsul. The Tarsul apparently helps flush out the nicotine from your system while the orange juice replaces Vitamin C. Do this for 30 days and chances are your cravings will minimize. It’s more natural and cheaper than the “patch” or prescribed medications.

“I don’t know all the facts about this, but it did work for me. I have saved lots of money not buying cigarettes. They are $7.00 a pack in some places in New York.”

The benefit of the cream of tartar in the cessation of smoking appears to be, 1) the replacement of potassium that smoking robs from the cardiovascular system, and 2) balancing body pH, which typically becomes too acidic when toxins from cigarettes are present.

Each cigarette you smoke robs your body of about 25 milligrams of vitamin C. Orange juice, NOT from concentrate, helps replace this much-needed vitamin C. Actually, all toxins demand extra vitamin C to remove the toxic load found in your cells. When toxins are elevated, more vitamin C is needed to maintain health during Detox.

Here are some tips to quit smoking:

Ebb Off Cigarettes

    • Once you’ve made up your mind to stop smoking, and start a no-smoking regimen, be consistent! If you try this drink, do it every night without fail. The following day, if you reach for a cigarette, you may think twice about it. You may even decide not to have that cigarette.


    • Reduce the number of cigarettes you have each day, and you should be able to wean off them completely by the end of one month, if not sooner.
    • Most smokers smoke “habit” cigarettes, e.g. smoking while on the phone, after a meal, or while driving. So, eliminate these habit cigarettes by changing your smoking habits. This reduces the number of cigarettes smoked without creating the feeling of loss that reducing the number of cigarettes often creates.


    • Each time you buy a pack of cigarettes, change brands to one that is less appealing to you. It may reduce the pleasure of smoking, and confirm how nasty they can taste.


    • Do not buy cartons of cigarettes; buy one pack at a time, and only after you have finished a full pack.


    • Each day, wait an hour longer than the prior day before lighting your first cigarette.


    • When you have a strong craving for a cigarette, wait five minutes; meanwhile, do something interesting, something that takes total concentration and takes your mind off smoking.

Quit Cold-Turkey


    • Some people decide to throw the cigarettes away and stop at once. Make that decision and stick to it.


    • Never have any cigarettes around. Once you decide to stop cold turkey, do not buy any cigarettes or leave any in drawers or hidden places.


    • Never bum cigarettes or take a “drag” when quitting going cold turkey. This haunts your memory into wanting more.


    • Replace your habit of smoking with a healthier habit, such as jogging, walking, biking, sewing, painting, or swimming.


  • As each day progresses when you have not had a cigarette, it gets easier to break old smoking habits.

Take Tarsul EVERY DAY Till The Cigs Are GONE!!

 Smoking is harmful to health. Many people think that there are no ill outcomes of smoking on their bodies but it is not true. It’s estimated that smoking causes heart disease, stroke, lung cancer and even different other cancers. Smoking has abundant of health effects on the respiratory, metabolic, gastrointestinal, immune and cardiovascular systems. Smoking even produces adverse outcomes on the brain. Smoking raises the risk of early death. It is anticipated that unless people quit, the majority of all smokers will pass away from smoking-related ailments, many of them losing eight to ten years of life compared to people who has not at all smoked. Females who smoke have a greater risk of developing malignant cancer of the breast. Male smokers are two times more prone to develop erectile dysfunction. People even know about this fact but still smoke. Many of them smoke because they cannot quit it. A strong willpower and helping tools are needed in order to stop smoking.

The best solution is to opt for natural ways. Using Tarsul is one of the numerous natural methods utilized to stop smoking. It comprises the cream of tartar and sulfur. Tarsul is basically a dietary supplement that reduces the craving for smoking. Cream of tartar facilitates the body to flush the nicotine out from the blood and considerably decreases the nicotine cravings with the continuous treatment. Cream of tartar chiefly contains potassium, thus its use helps to compensate the levels of potassium in the body that have been exhausted because of smoking nicotine.

Tarsul supplement is a good means to quit smoking naturally. It is an absolute withdrawal from smoking exclusive of the help of any kind of quit smoking products as well as herbal cigarettes. With the continuous intake of Tarsul body starts increasing the potassium levels and therefore helps strengthen the cardiovascular system and sequentially aids a person to resist nicotine cravings. The best and effective method to take Tarsul supplement is with orange juice. The Tarsul eliminates the nicotine and toxins from the body, while orange juice provides vitamin C which is needed to make immune system strong to help the affected person handle the consequences of the natural detoxification process. Also, cigarette smoking snatches away the vitamin C from the body. Tarsul also offers a benefit of balancing the body pH, which usually becomes quite acidic due to the release of toxins from cigarettes.

Take Tarsul with orange juice every night before going to bed for best results. The mixture will work on the body and detoxify overnight. Continue the intake of Tarsul until cravings for cigarettes or nicotine remain no longer. Generally the process will take a week or two, depending on the individual body’s needs.

The urgent eating habit that some people fulfil is due to the fact of fulfilling the surges of nicotine that inform the brain ‘give food to me’ or consume. The brain is not indexing the nicotine, but what nicotine turns out that stays continually in the body. Tarsul and orange juice intake erase this new substance, so the brain can’t locate it, thereby alleviating the cravings and eventually wiping them out. Tarsul is best for those people who can’t afford expensive sort of quit-smoking methods.

Quitting smoking offers huge health benefits. Tarsul natural supplement is at the forefront of what the globe actually requires i.e. less smokers. If there is the smallest number of smokers, then there would certainly be a noteworthy decline in the number of polluters. People will live improved and better lives and the globe is improved and better, too.

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