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(Health and) “Disease Begins In The Gut”

~ Hippocrates ~

The Tarsul formula has been used in medical circles for literally thousands of years, usually as a “balancer” of the human gut.  In fact, before 1900, this formula can be found mentioned in almost every medical journal and taught in every medical school for various ailments.  A survey of the contents of pre-1900′s doctors medical bag almost without exception included the two ingredients found in Tarsul. Click Here for some examples.

However, since the dawn of Modern Medicine, this formula has been systematically ignored, suppressed and replaced.  This formula, and product, have been revived for one simple reason – it really works!

In the 1980′s, the ingredients in Tarsul won a US Patent as a remedy for hemorrhoids, but sat unused commercially for many years – until Tarsul.

Some of the traditional uses for this formula are:  (click the name)

Acne – it starts in the gutTarsul - First, Heal Your Gut

Arthritis – Tarsul combined with Epsom salts – internally and externally

Candida – almost instant relief

Constipation – Tarsul has amazing “purgative powers”

Hemorrhoids – patented to stop bleeding or external “rhoids”

Leaky Gut Syndrome – the first step in healing this health-ruining condition

Blood Pressure – potassium shown to normalize high blood pressure

Psoriasis – many incredible testimonials!!

Stop Smoking – can take away the desire to smoke

Tarsul is now available with the exact same formula as the original patented.  It is a white powder that you drink after mixing with water or juice..

Conveniently packaged in a clear, see-through plastic bottle so you can always see how much remains.

Tarsul is made with the finest, purest ingredients available.   The fact that it contains all natural ingredients makes it especially desirable in today’s toxic world.

Try a bottle today and begin feeling normal again.  Order Your Bottle of Tarsul Here.

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