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 Sulfur and tartar cream were in use for several health problems since the time when there were little or no treatment options present. Because of their powerful healing and cleansing properties, they were recommended by old folks in different parts of the world. Both sulfur and cream of tartar were the well-recognized home remedy.


Later on, with the advancement in the field of medical science, scientists started studying sulfur and cream of tartar. They found that sulfur possessed numerous properties. The top among was the laxative action it exerted. It was then formulated as a drug for individuals suffering from hemorrhoids or anal fissure. Sulfur is now blended with a cream of tartar to boost its functions. Cream of tartar is acquired when tartaric acid is partly neutralized with potassium hydroxide, converting it into a salt. Tartaric acid is obtained from the grapes while the cream of tartar is obtained from the residue or sediment generated in the process of aging wine.


A hemorrhoid is a serious health issue characterized by itching, painful defecation and constipation. It is basically a mass of dilated veins within the anal canal. Hemorrhoids can be internal or external hemorrhoids. Many factors can lead to the onset of this problem such as straining during defecation or during pregnancy. This condition at times is quite painful. A variety of treatment options are available including both medical and surgical for hemorrhoid. Despite them, some people continue to suffer from it. There are many other people who prefer natural ways to treat their this problem.


Tarsul is the natural dietary supplement especially designed to tailor the needs of those people as well as people who are unhappy with the allopathic treatment options. Tarsul is a unique, mild cleanser for our body. The process of elimination functions has been considered to stimulate the body to keep away from different sort of health problems. Tarsul is a mixture of cream of tartar and sulfur. The cream of tartar is added to enhance the laxative action of sulfur. Both of these are the essential therapeutically active ingredients that work to relieve hemorrhoidal symptoms as well as decrease swelling of the hemorrhoids.


Within a short period of ingestion, Tarsul begins its mechanism of action and an affected person gets relief from the symptoms of hemorrhoid within a short time span. Tarsul in fact has been found to prevent the relapse, and eventually the development of complications.


This natural supplement is a time-honored approach towards curing hemorrhoids. Sulfur and cream of tartar, the two most active Tarsul’s ingredients, have been traditionally in use for curing hemorrhoids. This fact shows that Tarsul can be used without any hesitation and fear. No adverse events following its intake have been reported yet.


Hemorrhoids, despite the fact that it is not a life-threatening condition, but it can be distressing and painful, and can considerably reduce the quality of life. Most of the time, dietary supplements offer greatest health benefits. Tarsul is one of those extensively used natural supplements.


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