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Here’s How Cream of Tartar Can Benefit You in Many Ways

What Is Cream of Tartar?

If you have ever encountered the word “tartar” it may have been in regards to tartar sauce. But cream of tartar is a lesser-known byproduct of the wine industry created during fermentation of grape juice in barrels. Tartaric acid crystallizes into a sediment at the bottom of the barrel during the fermentation of the grapes but is not alcoholic. The residue is purified and turned into a white powder known as a cream of tartar.

Professional bakers use cream of tartar to stabilize egg whites, creams and ice cream, and to maintain the white color of whipped cream. Even the baking powder we all know is made up of cream of tartar and baking soda. Cream of tartar is usually labeled with the code E336i, on the list of ingredients. Cream of tartar (which comes as a powder) can be found in spice shops, nature stores, and specialty bakery stores, and is sometimes also available in large retail chains.

The Health Benefits of Cream of Tartar

1. Treats Urinary Tract Infections

Cream of Tartar benefits warnings and uses

Cream of tartar has the ability to change the pH level in your urine, turning it from an environment in which bacteria thrive, to one that is totally hostile to them (which is what you want). All you need to do to treat a urinary tract infection is to mix 1½ teaspoons of cream of tartar in 1 cup of warm water. Squeeze in some lemon or lime juice and drink the solution once or twice daily until you are cured.
2. Soothes ArthritisCream of Tartar benefits warnings and uses

Use this recipe to soothe your painful arthritis:


• 3 oranges

• 3 lemons

• 3 grapefruits

• 50g Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate)

• 50g cream of tartar

• 1.5 liters of water


1. Scrub the fruits very well to ensure that all sprays or other contaminants are removed.

2. Blend the fruits well, including skins and seeds.

3. Leave the blended fruit mixture to stand overnight.

4. On the following morning, boil some water.

5. Add the Epsom salts and cream of tartar to the boiled water.

6. Add this mixture to the blend of citrus fruits.

7. Place in a suitable container and freeze.

How to take it

Consume two dessert spoons of the frozen mixture each morning, then follow up by drinking a glass of tepid water with ½ a teaspoon of a good vitamin C powder added to it. The batch you created and froze should last you for about two months.

3. Helps You Quit SmokingCream of Tartar benefits warnings and uses

If you’ve tried to quit smoking numerous times, but with little success, you’ll be pleased to know that cream of tartar can provide a solution. It is extremely effective at removing nicotine from the bloodstream, so all you need to do is mix some cream of tartar with a glass of orange juice and drink it before you go to bed each night. Doing so will strengthen your immune system and cleanse your body of toxins.
4. Fights HeartburnCream of Tartar benefits warnings and uses
Forget relying on heartburn pills – cream of tartar can also treat heartburn. Mix ½ a teaspoon of it with ½ a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water. As soon as you feel the onset of heartburn, simply drink 1 teaspoon of the solution.
Cream of Tartar benefits warnings and uses
Due to its ability to detoxify and remove impurities from the body, cream of tartar can be used to treat acne. Mix 1 tablespoon of it with 8 ounces of water and drink the solution each morning. Do this for a month and you’ll notice fewer acne outbreaks and much clearer skin.
6. Prevents GallstonesCream of Tartar benefits warnings and uses
This tip is more of a preventative health benefit than a cure. Prevent gallstones from forming by mixing the juice of six lemons in a quart-sized jar with 1 tablespoon of Epsom salt and 3 tablespoons of cream of tartar. Top the rest of the jar up with water and place in the refrigerator. Get into the habit of drinking a small glass of the solution each night and you should be able to eat whatever you want without gallstones forming.
7. Treats Bacterial InfectionsCream of Tartar benefits warnings and uses
Bacterial infections can cause a whole range of problems, from inflammation to swelling and fever. Cream of tartar can return much-needed alkalinity to your body. Simply mix ½ a teaspoon of it with ½ a cup of warm water and drink the solution to create a hostile environment for the offending bacteria that gave you the infection in the first place.
8. Lowers High Blood PressureCream of Tartar benefits warnings and uses
In many instances, high blood pressure arises as a result of a potassium deficiency. If this applies to you (obviously you need to consult your doctor to establish this, who will likely administer a blood test), then you can return potassium to your body by drinking 1 teaspoon of cream of tartar mixed in a glass of water.